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Application design with monad stacks

$ whoami

dev haskell, former CTO, I've worked with several langages, I used scala a lot (not anymore). Nowadays, haskell, rust, JS (a bit)
mise en relation chargeurs et transporteurs. suivi plus transparent, aider les petits transporteurs environnement technique historique: node mongo. nouveaux services : haskell / pg

FP in the small, OOP in the large

today I’ll try to show you why I think it’s not a good motto

FP: what is it good for?

absolutely everything
properly model business code
but also, plumbing

today I’ll talk about plumbing

General web service design

push IO and associated tasks at the outside
no particular name given to it (as opposed to hex architecture)

typical request / response flow diagram
http, then persistence, and then (ideally) pure business logic

add to that external services and observability support